Ladies, Brown lipsticks are back!


Brown lipsticks look so pretty on Indian skintones. I am so glad the colour is back. 🙂 The great thing about nudish brownish colours is that you can pull them off with most of your clothes. Especially winters is about wearing warm rick colours. Pull off those browns with smokey eyes, earthy bronzers, or peachy pink blushes. My favourite look with browns is loads of mascara and kajal, gold blush to highlight and a bronzer to contour my cheeks. Although matte is in, I prefer glossy lips. So a clear gloss to top off my tawny lips.

Products that I would use to create the look:

  1. Lakme Lip Chrome in Shade 501 / Lakme’s Bridal Sutra Shade 126 topped up with clear gloss (love love it! )
  2. Lakme Kajal
  3. Color Bar Just Earth Blush
  4. ColorBar’s Duo Masacara

Which shade of brown have you bought for yourself? How would you use browns in your makeup routine?

Kareena Kapoor On December 2009 Issue
Kareena Kapoor On December 2009 Issue

Lips: Lakme Nine to Five Lipsticks


Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticksLakme’s Nine to Five Lipsticks
What is Lakme Nine To Five Lipstick? A high performance, color-fix formula developed in Italy; this creamy lipstick combines amazing comfort with staying power that keeps you looking fresh for hours.

How to apply Lakme Nine To Five Lipstick? ?

After lining your lips with a matching lip liner, fill the outlined area of your lips with these rich lip colors. Wait for two minutes for the color fix action to take effect. Now your lip color is set to last for hours.

Price- Rs 295 each.

I bought these lippies in February this year.

Why say yes to Lakme nine to five lipsticks?

  1. Lives up to its words. It lasts long on your lips.  Even after I have had a gourmet dinner and licked my lips a couple of times, it stays.
  2. Classy packaging.
  3. A lot of good shades to choose from
  4. Low to medium shine
  5. Non Sticky
  6. No Taste

Rose Water- Dabur Gulabari, Fab India


Rose WaterI remember my naani use to pick fresh roses from her garden to make rose water for her daughters. She used to say,” pat rose water on your face and your face will bloom like a rose. ” 🙂 Thanks to my naani, I have been using rose water since aeons now. Although that’s a different thing that her home made rose water was replaced by Dabur Gulabari in my beauty regimen. Now it’s like I share a love story with Dabur’s Gulabari. 😉

I have a  dry to normal skin and not a sensitive one too but the artificial toners have never suited my facial skin. I tried a lot of toners but all of them gave me nothing more than dry patches near my mouth and cheeks. Then I got to know that rose water is a NATURAL TONER. It doesn’t matter whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, normal or combination skin, rose water takes care of all.

For oily skin here is a trick

Rose water: 2 teaspoon

Mint Water- 1 teaspoon

Mix both the liquids and apply the mixture either with cotton ball or finger tips on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with warm water.  This will help you maintain the excessive oil that you especially on your T Zone.

For Dry Skin:

Glycerin: 1 tea spoon

Rose Water- 2 tea spoon

Sandalwood Powder- 1 tea spoon

Mix the ingredients and apply it on your face for 15 -20 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. Apply moisturiser after patting your face dry. Easy Peasy!  🙂

For Dark Circles:

Dip cotton balls in rose water and put it on dark circles for 15 -20 minutes. Do it regularly. This is a very slow process but it works!

Personally I like to try different brands for rose water. Here ‘s my review

rose water 1
Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal

Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal-I have seen the product transforming from the little glass bottle with aluminum cover to this chic plastic bottle with convenient packaging. Earlier the ingredient list used to be just water and Rooh Gulab ,Rose Oil. This time when I bought my new bottles, I noticed the change in ingredients.

Here they are:

  1. Aqua
  2. Fragrance (Rooh Gulab)
  3. Rose Oil
  4. Propylene Glycol -A cosmetic form of mineral oil found in automatic brake and hydraulic fluid and industrial antifreeze. In the skin and hair, propylene glycol works as a humescent, which causes retention of moisture content of skin or cosmetic products by preventing the escape of moisture or water. The Material Safety Data Sheet warns users to avoid skin contact with propylene glycol as this strong skin irritant can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage. Can also cause eye irritation, skin irritation, skin drying, defatting.
  5. Methyl Paraben – An antifungal and antibacterial agent used as a preservative in pharmaceutical preparations.
  6. Proplyl Paraben– An antifungal agent used as a preservative in pharmaceuticals.
  7. Bronopol– a preservative used in milk samples intended for butter fat estimation; the reject milk fed to calves causes erosive abomasitis and death due to peritonitis.

I have been using this new Gulabari for around 15 days now and I have faced no problem, so far. It doesn’t dry my skin, keeps my pores in place and freshens me up whenever I use it.  In fact, I have felt no change from the previous Gulabari to this one. Price- Rs 30 for 120 ml bottle. The only inconvenience is that the bottle has no spray so I also end up wasting the product every time I have to use it. But what was I expecting in Rs 30? 😉

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating :   3

Go Natural With Earthy Goods


I am a sucker for natural products. While strolling through Star Bazaar’s lush makeup and beauty counters, I came across Earthy Good’s Range. I wanted to pick up my Himalaya’s Apricot Scrub for my dreaded black heads but since that was out of stock, I decided to give Earth and Soul’s apricot scrub a try. Well! I couldn’t resist my temptation to pick their lip balm in Vanilla as well. I have been using both these yummy products for four months now and here’s my verdict.

Product: Earth and Soul’s Apricot Scrub

Price: Rs 75

Earh and Soul lip balm and apricot scrub

Earth and Soul lip balm and apricot scrub

The chocolaty Earth and Soul Apricot Scrub

The chocolaty Earth and Soul Apricot Scrub

According to the company,” Earth & Soul’s unique apricot scrub has crushed apricot kernels and natural oils. This scrub gently exfoliates you skin without leaving it dry. Discover your skin’s true natural glow with Earth & Soul’s apricot scrub.”

Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick Review


Product: Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick in Flamigo
Price: Rs 275


I am going to be wearing a mauvish-purplish colour saree for an upcoming wedding function. So I wanted a matching lipstick for my dress. But my concern is always buying the best within my budget. I have used Lakme and Revlon lipsticks (review in upcoming posts) so far. Where Lakme lipstick range is within my budget, Revlon doesn’t fit my pocket. I have been using a lot of ColorBar products so this time I decided to get my hands on Colorbar Soft Touch Lipsticks.

Here are the Pros:

1. You have alot  of shades to choose from. So you will get at least one shade of your choice every time you plan to buy a new lip colour for yourself.

2. Very moisturizing. This was my biggest concern and so far, I am happy with it.

3. Pretty and convenient packaging. 🙂

4. Not very long lasting but would stay for at least 2-3 hours with an okayish shade on your lips.